Kang Gay Iron works Specialized in the metal works as below

  • Wrought Iron Staircase, Railing, Gates & Grills
  • Stainless Steel Gates, Grills & Staircase Railing
  • Aluminium Window Glass & Grills
  • Wrought Aluminium Grills & Gates
  • Renovation for homes, offices and factories
  • And we are the authorised sole distributor of Lucky Door Products 幸运门/风水门 in Singapore.

Door is a very important part of the feature in our house ..

Lucky door will bring to you and your family Prosperity, Harmony and Health.  
And family with children will find it better. Good Feng shui will aid them in exceling in their academic and enjoy good health.
Therefore choosing a good door for your house is the best part of investment for you and in my opinion, whuch is even more important than having a good interior designer.
These are some important criterias for a good door for your house: 
– must not rust
– open easily
– bright and shiny
– unique and good in design

And Why choose Lucky Door ? 

Lucky door only use the best materials – stainless steels, focus on quality and excellent in our craftmanship.

They are the pioneer and leader in metal door building