Your Door is the most important part of your house!!

The main entrance door is probably one of the most important areas of a home or office, it is where the qi (ch’i) enters the building and the quality of the qi is dependant on the quality of the door area, hall and driveway. Qi (energy) enters the building through doors and windows.

However, the front door of your house is where the major part of Qi enters and therefore this door plays an important role in determining the quality of Feng Shui experienced by the household or office. For real support and protection, your front door needs to be solid. Glass panelling above the door or in the higher sections of the door are fine except in situations where Sha Chi (poisoned arrows) is being aimed at your front door. The front door also needs to be larger than the back door encouraging Chi to enter through this aspect.

The size of your door also needs to be proportional to the size of your home. The Feng Shui Front Door The importance of the Entry Door to your Home © Carole Provenzale The front door in Feng Shui is considered very important. The colors we choose, when we renovate and during construction, we should thing carefully about our entrance. What does the front door mean in Feng Shui and why is it so important? After all, here we put welcome signs on it, paint it occasionally and we’re done. Feng Shui practitioners consider the front door extremely important; it is where all the good energy comes into the home. It must be clean, well lit, welcoming and USED. Although the additions of garages on the side of a home make it easy for a person to enter directly into their house, most (if not all) Feng Shui practitioners will advise against it. How can good energy (or any energy, for that matter) come in through the side door when is in inside a garage?

Feng Shui takes doors very seriously in many different areas as in the Black Sect Tradition, they are considered “voices.” Are there too many doors in a hallway? This could mean an excessive amount of talking in the home, often leading to arguments. Crystals hung help disperse energy and thereby, keep down the chattering. Another thing consultants look for with doors if when opened, they bump or knock into each other. These are called “arguing doors” and can be addressed by Transcendental methods and cures. As important as the front door is in Feng Shui, so too is the pathway leading up to it. If a tree or bush is blocking the front door, there is not way for the energy to enter harmoniously. A clean, open pathway, preferably not in a straight line if it can be helped is the best way for energy to flow easily into the home. Some recommended treatments for pathways are solar lights, which literally light up their way into the home. Feng Shui also seeks to make their owners and guests happy to be home. Words are very powerful and it is particularly important to grace the front door, most often with something lovely and the word “Welcome.”

With our Intentions that we are not only welcoming ourselves and guests into the home, we are also welcoming the new, fresh energy that each day brings. The colors of doors have also taken on significance. Years ago the primary color recommended by most consultants was red as red is the auspicious color of Feng Shui. Lately it has been recommended that if your home front door is indeed in your career area to paint it black. For some this doesn’t seem like a “welcoming” type look while others love the idea. (Black, for those not in the know, is the accent color for career). Be careful, they warn, in removing doors as you are “cutting” voices for the occupants of the home. Make sure they are not blocked and open and close easily, without sticking or squeaking. The black sect tradition uses and follows these methods very carefully with all the doors in your home. Consider the front door carefully during new construction and renovations.