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DoorsDoor is a very important part of the feature in our house ..
Lucky door will bring to you and your family Prosperity, Harmony and Health.  
And family with children will find it better. Good Feng shui will aid them in exceling in their academic and enjoy good health.
Therefore choosing a good door for your house is the best part of investment for you and in my opinion, whuch is even more important than having a good interior designer.
These are some important criterias for a good door for your house: 
– must not rust
– open easily
– bright and shiny
– unique and good in design

Why choose us ? 

Lucky door is also known as ‘幸运门/风水门’ And furthermore we only use the best materials in our doors, that is only stainless steels, excellent in our craftmanship. We are the pioneer and leader in metal door design and construction


Most of our designs are registered in Singapore  and are protected by Intellectual Property of Singapore IPOS.  And by having the designs registered, the owners has the ownership of the design and refrain others from using your design without permission.

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